We invited Pokras Lampas — famous Russian contemporary artist who works in calligrafuturism style to collaborate with one of Alfa-Bank products — the NEXT card for young people.

Pokras created a masterpiece, which was inspired by Alfa-Bank history and also contains a brand DNA. His painting was adapted to limited edition card design.

5 000


card orders during the first week after release
announcements in the relevant media
We invited Pokras Lampas to collaborate with Alfa-Bank product the Next Card — card for young audience.

Pokras created a masterpiece in Alfa-Bank colours. His painting was adapted to card design.

Also the video was created to explain the philosophy of Z generation, words hidden in calligraphy and the way of connection between Art and brand, habites and individuality of Z generation.
The special project was placed on the landing page.
A competition was the next step of promotion. It has started in Instagram to adward merchandise with card design and got more than 500 competitors with beautiful posts.